New Template For Kinemaster 01

After entering this application, you will see a plus(+) icon. Click the plus icon and you will see three ratios. The ratios are, 16:9, 9:16, 1:1. You can choose the ratio that suits you and start editing.

Choose tha pictures or video that you are going to edit. Then import the picture. If the importing process does not workout, change tha video are photo quality accroding to your photo qulity. If you don’t know how to change the quality, visit the editing tamizhan youtube channel.
Adding a video or photo over the seleted photo is called add layer. we can even add effect, handwriting, text, overlay, etc…

If we go to blending mode, there will appear screen option. this is used to remove tha black layer background of the video. Also, to remove the white layer background, we have to click the multply option.
Usuall we use green or blue mat|screen while taking videos. After we can change that green or blue mat|screen by using chromakey

Near the red colour button, there is a option called audio. you can import songs from it. if can be imported by clicking the plus icon and it will be imported to the timeline. we can even add effects to song by clicking the song. the options open in the right side, where we can add effects, volume,etc…

After editing the video, wecan add voiceover or dubbing.
EXPORTING : (save to gallery)
In the kinemaster, there is a share icon in the left side. It has videos qulity and framerate options. select these options and click the exporting button. wait for 2 or 3 minutes and video willbe saved to gallery.

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